If you’re like me, you get tempted by many “Bright Shiny Objects” (BSOs) every day and if it wasn’t for the long Video Sales Letters (VSLs), you would like to listen and learn about more of them but really can’t afford to spend the time.

I’m sure you have also signed up for loads of training courses and find it painful at the slow speed you’re stepped through some of the early videos that tell you what you already know.

I have been introduced by colleagues at My Online Business to a little known speed “reading” App for google that lets you play videos at the speed you can consume them.

Most people I have spoken to that use this app find that they can run the playback at around 1.9 times faster than the original speed without missing anything significant. You also have the option to speed up and slow down the playback at any point in the video.

Think of the time you could save if most videos you reviewed only took half the time!

An added bonus is that although the original video may not allow you to go back and view earlier sections,in many cases, this app will probably allow you to.

Click on this link to download the App for Google Chrome!

Please give feedback if you have any additional comments.

Written by Nick Stone

Nick Stone, Principal Consultant & Lead Coach of Copernicus Consulting, has spent much of his rewarding business career traveling the Globe building relationships while managing projects and programmes in the Financial Services and Telco sectors. Today, Nick is applying his 40+ years of leadership & practical experience in technology sales and product development to helping people of all ages & backgrounds to start and build their own Internet Marketing businesses … and he’s doing all this while enjoying village life from his home in a small rice farming community in northern Thailand … power and internet connections permitting! Visit my LinkedIn Profile: https://linkedin.com/in/nick-stone-0152a811

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