MobileOptin is a revolutionary new software service optimising the way mobile users email addresses and names are being captured without the need to key them into a Squeeze Page. This removes the possibility of the Prospect mis-keying or providing false or secondary email addresses … read on to find out how and why YOU need MobileOptin!

Click this link (preferably on your mobile device) to apply for a one month FREE TRIAL of Mobile Optin***

I have been using MobileOptin for around 2 months now and find it a very valuable tool for the following reasons:

  1. Your mobile user does not need to key in any information, just hit a send key;
  2. You not only get an accurate email address but it is the primary email address that the mobile user allocates to their mobile device; no more miskeyed or dummy email addresses;
  3. You get the name of your mobile user and can address them by name in your email follow ups increasing the open and clickthrough rates;
  4. You can get the mobile users name and email address sent directly to your autoresponder;
  5. Mobile optin rates jump from the traditional norm of 25/30% to 50% plus;
  6. If you choose to have the physical emails from your mobile users sent directly to you, you can often glean additional information from the mobile signature at the bottom of the email.

In the picture below, you can see the squeeze page, the email that is automatically generated when the mobile user presses the call to action button on the squeeze page and finally, the email that can be sent diectly to you as an alternative to sending the mobile user name and address directly to your autoresponder.



Build Your Internet Business is providing a subscription service to MobileOptin where you can “try before you buy“.

Click this link (preferably on your mobile device) to apply for a one month FREE TRIAL of Mobile Optin***


*** Note that a one-off, non refundable set up and autoresponder testing fee of $25 will be charged at the start of the FREE TRIAL.

Written by Nick Stone

Nick Stone, Principal Consultant & Lead Coach of Copernicus Consulting, has spent much of his rewarding business career traveling the Globe building relationships while managing projects and programmes in the Financial Services and Telco sectors. Today, Nick is applying his 40+ years of leadership & practical experience in technology sales and product development to helping people of all ages & backgrounds to start and build their own Internet Marketing businesses … and he’s doing all this while enjoying village life from his home in a small rice farming community in northern Thailand … power and internet connections permitting! Visit my LinkedIn Profile:

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