Many email hosts will let you add a number or text after the email name followed by a “+” and before the “@” sign so you can create multiple unique email addresses for testing.

e.g. one of my email addresses is; I can also use,, etc.

I have tested this on 4 different hosts so far and the following allow this:

  1. google hosted emails ( and
  2. icloud (
  3. Hotmail/outlook (
  4. I also understand it works on yahoo but I’ve not tested it

The following do not allow this:

  1. British telecom hosted email accounts

I’m trying to compile a list of hosts that allow this so if you use a different host for your email (e.g. GoDaddy etc) and it works (or doesn’t), can you please send me an email at support@buildyourinternetbusiness, add a comment below or click on the support tab and leave a message?

Many thanks!

Written by Nick Stone

Nick Stone, Principal Consultant & Lead Coach of Copernicus Consulting, has spent much of his rewarding business career traveling the Globe building relationships while managing projects and programmes in the Financial Services and Telco sectors. Today, Nick is applying his 40+ years of leadership & practical experience in technology sales and product development to helping people of all ages & backgrounds to start and build their own Internet Marketing businesses … and he’s doing all this while enjoying village life from his home in a small rice farming community in northern Thailand … power and internet connections permitting! Visit my LinkedIn Profile:

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