MobileOptin Review

MobileOptin is a revolutionary new software service optimising the way mobile users email addresses and names are being captured without the need to key them into a Squeeze Page. This removes the possibility of the Prospect mis-keying or providing false or secondary email addresses … read on to find out how and why YOU need MobileOptin! Click this link (preferably on your mobile device) to apply for a one month FREE TRIAL of Mobile Optin*** I have been using MobileOptin for around 2 months now and find it a very valuable tool for…continue reading →

Using a Traffic Rotator to Optimise Your Mobile Clicks

One thing that has become very obvious to me in recent times is that you need a mobile optimised squeeze page as well as a normal computer one as over 50% of clicks are coming from mobile (53% in my case).   I use ClickFunnels for my squeeze pages and although the pages are optimised quite well for mobile, I didn’t think they were good enough and so decided to create mobile optimised pages for 2 of my funnels.   The next challenge was splitting the mobile and non mobile traffic which I…continue reading →

Speed “Reading” On Line Videos and Video Sales Letters

If you're like me, you get tempted by many "Bright Shiny Objects" (BSOs) every day and if it wasn't for the long Video Sales Letters (VSLs), you would like to listen and learn about more of them but really can't afford to spend the time. I'm sure you have also signed up for loads of training courses and find it painful at the slow speed you're stepped through some of the early videos that tell you what you already know. I have been introduced by colleagues at My Online Business to a little…continue reading →

LeadServe Solo Ads Review (

Introduction I was introduced to this solo ad source through a My Online Business webinar 2 weeks ago. I have been through the registration process and a “success consultation” call and have garnered some more information about LeadServe which I am sharing in this Blog. Summary Leadserve (Opt-Intelligence) has been around since 2003 and provides opt-in email subscriber acquisition. Rather like Facebook lead ads, you can define a brief overview of your product or service which the prospect sees before opting in. You can also decide how much you are prepared to pay…continue reading →

Build Your Internet Business Division Launched

A new division of Copernicus Consulting Ltd called Build Your Internet Business has now been launched to help people starting in their Digital Marketing career get off to a good start. For more information, go to or click on the banner below to get a free eBook on rapidly creating an eBook in a profitable niche.  continue reading →

Creating Multiple Email Addresses For Testing

Many email hosts will let you add a number or text after the email name followed by a “+” and before the “@” sign so you can create multiple unique email addresses for testing. e.g. one of my email addresses is; I can also use,, etc. I have tested this on 4 different hosts so far and the following allow this: google hosted emails ( and icloud ( Hotmail/outlook ( I also understand it works on yahoo but I’ve not tested it The following do not allow this:…continue reading →

Confusion Between Facebook Ads and Facebook Lead Ads

While trying to educate myself on Facebook Ads by watching the Fred Lam training in Jimmy Kim's Build My List and also the training on Lead Ads in Leads Tunnel, I had an AHA moment when I realised that I had been assuming Facebook Ads and Facebook Lead Ads were the same thing – THEY ARE NOT! Following this, in a Lurn Mastermind call it became clear that other people on the call were also unclear about the definitions, differences and the rules pertaining to each so I offered to document my understanding…continue reading →

BYIB Training eBook Series Launched

The Build Your Internet Business eBook training series is launched today with a free eBook called "Insider Niche Market Research and Rapid eBook Creation" plus a planning guide called "The Experts Guide to Planning Your Digital Product Launch". Click the link below to get access to these two great eBooks.  continue reading →

Welcome to the Build Your Internet Business (BYIB) Website

Welcome to the Build Your Internet Business website which is now completed. We will be bringing you useful information on Building Your Internet Business … tips, tricks and products that might interest you as well as offers for creating your own website, logos, eBooks etc. We would love to hear from you if you have suggestions for services we can offer that would be of value to you. Please direct all comments and suggestions to, fill out a support ticket by clicking here or leave a comment.continue reading →

Virtual Project Management – New Skill or Skill Rebranding?

Ever since I first came across the VPM Network LinkedIn site, I have been wondering what all the hype is about and whether this is really a new skill. I can remember back to the early 1970’s when I ran implementation teams in Eastern Europe from UK working with American system providers where you spent weeks away from your home office with scant access to telephone and the main communication channel was Telex! Meetings were always face to face and the closest you got to a teleconference was if someone had jerry rigged…continue reading →
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