Copernicus Consulting Ltd has been operating from the UK since 2009 providing Programme and Project Management and Consulting services to Financial Services and Telco Companies globally.


Nick Stone -Principal Consultant

My long software design, development and international consulting career kicked off over 50 years ago, when I left university with a Mathematics Degree. My first job was programming on the first computer controlled paper making machine in Europe then moving on to innovative new key data entry and optical character recognition systems. Back in those days, we used machine code or assembler rather than modern high-level languages.

I was an early adopter of Microsoft Basic in the mid 1970’s and moved more into international project and programme management defining Customer requirements and getting them efficiently implemented.

I also have a lot of hands on experience with database design and implementation initially designing my own relational database languge and then moving on to Paradaox and now, for many years, Access.

Having worked in many entrepreneurial software development organisations in the first half of my career, in the last 20 years I have worked more on the Customer side managing suppliers and getting major projects and programmes implemented in financial services and telco organisations living and working all over the world including most countries in Europe, 7 years in USA and more recently 6 years in Hong Kong and Thailand.

Now semi-retired and living in Northern Thailand, I am applying my 40+ years of leadership & practical experience in technology sales and product and software development to

  1. Helping smaller organisations develop business plans and to design and implement business tools and applications to support and enhance their businesses;
  2. Helping people of all ages & backgrounds to start and build their own Internet Marketing businesses.

… and I’m doing all this while enjoying village life from my home in a small rice farming community in the mountains … power and internet connections permitting!

Copernicus Consulting Operates under the following business names and web sites:

  1. Project and programme management, consulting and Excel/Access/VBA development under the domain
  2. Internet marketing under the domain
  3. Build Your Internet Business under the domains and

Contact Information

Consulting Ltd, Build Your Internet Business, CCL Marketing and Copernicus  all operate from the following UK address:
136 Ashingdon Road

The principal director, Nick Stone lives in Thailand and can be contacted on +66 98495 1915.

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Company Registration Information

Copernicus Consulting Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom.

UK Company Registration No: 7019103

Vat No: 979 8555 31

Registered Office: Durrants – Calleva, 3a Zodiac House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, RG7 8HN, UK


Telephone: +66 98495 1915